Category: Red Indian Jokes

You are in trouble

An evil Atheist explorer in the deepest Amazon suddenly finds himself surrounded by a bloodthirsty group of natives. Upon surveying the situation, he ... Read On »

Solve Indian puzzles

An Indian chief had three wives, each of whom was pregnant. The first gave birth to a boy. The chief was so elated he built her a teepee made of deer ... Read On »

Is that your horse?

The Lone Ranger and Tonto walked into a bar one day and sat down to drink a beer. After a few minutes, a big tall cowboy walked in and said, "Who owns ... Read On »

Texan with a new car

Three cowboys were hanging out in the bunkhouse.
"I know that smart a leck Tex," said the first. "He's going to start bragging about that new foreig ... Read On »

Learn it by listening

Two cowboys come upon an Indian lying on his stomach with his ear to the ground.
One of the cowboys stops and says to the other, "You see that India ... Read On »

Stagecoach surprise

I had a dream the other night. I was in the old West riding in a stagecoach. Suddenly, a man riding a horse pulls up to the left side of the stagecoac ... Read On »

Had any accidents?

The cowboy was trying to buy a health insurance policy. The insurance agent was going down the list of standard questions.
"Ever have an accident?"
... Read On »

Texan's guide to life

Never squat with yer spurs on.
There's two theories to arguing with a woman; neither one works.
Don't worry about biting off more than you can che ... Read On »

Indians and Polish

There were two Indians and a Polish fellow walking along together in the desert, when, all of a sudden, one of the Indians took off and ran up a hill ... Read On »